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Well after some pestering I'm putting an archive online. I very much doubt that I'll do much except paste each week's email up here. don't forget to let me know your events!!


This week, 6/6/07-12/6/07

Hi all,

Well the fantastic Ally who was the first in with last week's puzzle (The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover) would like to request something like an anti-rain dance. Sun dance? Moon dance? Maybe even a snow dance.  Anything to fit in with World Environment Day yesterday. Theatregames. The lovely improvisation performance exercise, where you get up an make a fool of yourself in teams. If you're keen, interested, repulsed, or just plain bored on a Sunday afternoon, come down to Gasolina this Sunday afternoon to have a relaxing afternoon, and a few drinks, mingled with a bit of Theatregames. Three parts to this week's subject. A BIG plug next week to anyone who can work out my references for each of them. Or failing that, the first person to work out 2 of them. Or even the person who makes me laugh the most if you have NO idea what I'm talking about.

See you out and about!

This week:

** Wednesday 6th **
- Vegetarian Banquet @ Monsoon, 5 dishes $5.
Bookings to Yvette 012-247-832

- CAMBODIAN JOURNAL by Valentina DuBasky.
Drawings, opening 6pm Java Café. Until July 1st.

- Environmental Film Festival, French Cultural Centre, 6.30pm. All films in Khmer with English subtitles, under 30min each.
Lands of the Lake
3S River Celebration
The Serengeti of Asia
Audience choice

- Film at Scandinavia Hotel, 8pm.
"The Bad Sleep Well", directed by Akira Kirosawa

** Thursday 7th **
Photo exhibition, 6.30pm French Cultural Centre. Until June 30th.

- Screening of the Soap Opera “At the factory gates”. Ep 1 & 2.
In Khmer, English subtitles. 6pm Bophana AVRC. www.bophana.org.
Seat bookings to Thanaren Than, 092-605-127

** Friday 8th **
- Carbon Party at FCC, by GERES. Climate change matters.
Exhibition and various events all day, discount drinks, fun and games from 9pm.
Contact Kimberley Buss 092 821 839

- Mozart and Friends, W.A.Mozart, J.Haydn, K.Stamitz.
Art Café, 7pm. www.artcafe-phnom-penh.com

- Cinema at French Cultural Centre.
7pm. "Ali Zaoua, Prince De La Rue." Morocco (English subtitles).

** Saturday 9th **
- Cinema at the French Cultural Centre.
4pm "En attendant le bonheur" (Mauritania, mostly visual)
7pm "La Petite vendeuse de soleil" (Senegal, English subtitles)

- La Bonne Chanson. French Songs by Faure, Satie & Poulenc
Art Café, 7pm. www.artcafe-phnom-penh.com

** Sunday 10th **
- Theatregames at Gasolina, 4pm. Beginning of weekly improvisation fun and games, while relaxing with some drinks in the Garden at Gasolina.
Turn up to watch, to play, to judge, even just to see what it's all about, all are welcome. It's all about making stuff up and having a good time.
I'd love it if you could let me know if you’re interested, but feel free to turn up on the day. Queries to me.

** Monday 11th **
- Quick plug for Shu Hui's aerobics class at the Intercon Mon nights, 6-7pm, $5.
Hi-Low class impact. Contact 

Advance notice:

June 13
Lecture and discussion at REYUM: Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet

June 13-25
Fete de la Musique
Pokemon Crew, Chaktomuk Theatre (Wed 13th)

June 14-20
Refugee Film Festival, French Cultural Centre.

June 16-17
Cambofest. Film & Video Festival. @ Meta House, Sala Art Space, plus Mystery venue.

June 17
Cricket at Boeng Keng Kang High School. All welcome. Sean's last game. For real.

June 23
S & M Party, Pontoon. Say goodbye to Sean & Mariana.

Screenings of "At the factory gates":
Thur 7 Ep 1 & 2
Tues 12 Ep 3 & 4
Thurs 14 Ep 5 & 6

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