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Well after some pestering I'm putting an archive online. I very much doubt that I'll do much except paste each week's email up here. don't forget to let me know your events!!


This week, 11/7/07-17/7/07

The mashed up meeting express

Whoops, almost forgot about this week's email! Meetings, meeting, meetings... Have you ever thought of going to work for a military junta? There's one nearby, just the other side of Thailand.... I sent my application off today. Yes if you have jobs, with a nearby set of mountains, I'm all ears. In the meantime, here's what's on this week! I'm sure there's more on... If you find more things, please let me know. See you out there!

This week:

** Wednesday 11th **
- Exhibition opening. “HEARTS OF DARKNESS - HEARTS OF LIGHT: Reflections on the Reamker and the Ramakien"
BRUCE GUNDERSEN (USA). 6pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465. Until Aug 4.

- Artist Talk: Valentina DuBasky
6.30pm Sala Artspace, #339E2, Sisowath Quay, 012894180.

- Vegetarian Banquet at Monsoon.
# 17 St 104. Bookings to Yvette 012214973.

** Thursday 12th **
- Notice: Trivia at Lazy Gecko is not on this week.

- Presentation: Architect Hok Sokol, Khmer Wooden Houses.
5.30pm REYUM Institute, #47 St 178. 012806150

- Opening: Transfer – Story of Artist Vann Nath. Until Oct 17.
6pm, Bophana AV Resource Center. #64 St 200. 0121758534

** Friday 13th  (woooo scary...) **
- Friday 13th party at Teukei Bar.
#23B St 111, 012707609

- Latin-African Party at Monsoon.
# 17 St 104. 012214973.

- Documentary: Ghosts of Isan. Robert Millis (USA).
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Sonata de camera: this musical genre dominates from 15th-17th century
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Saturday 14th **
- Documentary: Building a Dream. Nico Mesterharm (Germany).
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Lao Music: the typical sound of Lao khene, drums and flute
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Tuesday 16th **
- Print workshop with Pat Hunsinger. Until Jul 20.
#339E2 Sisowath Quay. 012894180.

*** Stuff in Phnom Penh *** (I've moved advance notice to the bottom!)

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*** Advance notice ***

July 29
- City of Ghosts Location tour