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Well after some pestering I'm putting an archive online. I very much doubt that I'll do much except paste each week's email up here. don't forget to let me know your events!!



This week, 18/7/07-24/7/07

Technical freedom and haemorragic diseases

Some news and announcements this week. There's a lot of dengue fever going around this year, take precautions and stay safe! Remember you're at highest risk from daytime mosquitoes - see http://outdoorgenius.com/dengue.html for some details on dengue. I'm now archiving this list online, with some links and stuff as well - see http://outdoorgenius.com. It's not by any means complete - I got bored as I was putting some of it online so I stopped. And if anyone wants a ticket (just one spare) to see the cure in Singapore Aug 1 call Swifty on 092603894.

This week:

** Wednesday 18th **
- Cambodian fashion doll project. (opening)
New Art Gallery, #20 St 9. 012824570.

- Print workshop with Pat Hunsinger. Until Jul 20.
5.30pm, Sala Artspace. #339E2,Sisowath Quay. 012894180.
followed by
- Lecture series, pt 1. Pat Hunsinger and Shari Diamond.
8pm, Sala Artspace

- Australian Business Association Cambodia (ABAC), Sundowners.
6pm, ANZ Royal rooftop. #20 St 114.

** Thursday 19th **
- German Film Nite: SCHULTZE GETS THE BLUES (english subtitles).
7pm, Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465

- Screening and discussion: Planète.D. (http://planete.d.free.fr/)
7pm French Cultural Centre. #218 St 184. 023213124.

- Lecture series pt 2. Valentina DuBasky and Denise A. Scott.
8pm, Sala Artspace. #339E2,Sisowath Quay. 012894180.

** Friday 20th **
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Ayai, Khmer improvising. This art requires fast thinking,good voice, some acting ability and a mastery of Khmer poetry
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Saturday 21st **
- SPIRIT HOUSE: Collaborative Exhibition/Performance. Until end July.
4pm, Khmer Arts Academy (in Takhmao). 012894180

- Cultural show held by Young People for Development ($3)
6pm Gasolina, #56/58, St 57.

- EVERYSOMEWHEREVER shows the "unstill life" of travelling artist Steven Eastaugh (Australia, present at screening).
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Latin Rock Band (?)
9pm, FCC. #363 Sisowath Quay. 023724014.

- Black party.
9pm Q Bar, Sothearos Blvd, 092541821.

- Vivaldissimo. A selection of great works by this famous Italien baroque master
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Sunday 22nd **
- Cricket: Pakistan vs the best of the rest.
10am, Boeng Keng Kang High School, Cnr St 360 & 71.
Email or text John johndonn@runbox.com  092967055

** Tuesday 24th **
- Women’s Reflections of the Environment, a Global Compilation of Thoughts with Pat Hunsinger
6pm, Sala Artspace. #339E2,Sisowath Quay. 012894180. Until Aug 12.

*** Stuff in Phnom Penh *** (I've moved advance notice to the bottom!)

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*** Advance notice ***
July 27
- Beer tasting, Monsoon Wine Bar.

July 29
- City of Ghosts Location tour