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Well after some pestering I'm putting an archive online. I very much doubt that I'll do much except paste each week's email up here. don't forget to let me know your events!!


This week, 20/6/07-26/6/07

Delays, donors and dalmations. Woof.

A bit late this week, and I have to admit, there aren't actually any dalmations in my life, but I needed another word beginning with D, and dalmations seemed random enough for my liking. Sunday afternoon's fun and frivolity - instead of weekly Theatresports, let's go with Games at Gasolina on Sunday afternoons - bring games & ideas, with any luck some Theatresports might even happen! This weekend brings a weekend of music events - notably on Friday - about 12 different events, and parties galore. Lots of people looking for rooms at the moment - let me know if you've got one available!

See you out there!

This week:

** Wednesday 20th **
- Refugee film week, French Cultural Centre
5pm: "New Year Baby" (Socheata Poeuv, USA) (Khmer version)
7pm: "New Year Baby" (Socheata Poeuv, USA)

- Film at Scandinavia Hotel, 8pm.
"Even Dwarves Started Small", directed by Werner Herzog

** Thursday 21st **
- High Tone: electro music. (part of Fete de la Musique)
French Cultural Centre St 184, 6:30pm.

** Friday 22nd **
Party at Rubies. Prahokrock: An indie rock disco punk mash up. DJ Riel.
Cnr St 240 & 19, 9pm. Drink specials.

- Opening: Painting, drawings and installation by Denise Scott (until June 27)
Sala Artspace, #339E2 Sisowath.

- Fete de la Musique
Equinox, 7pm. Ayi Namai (Mediterranean Rock) + DJ Janox. #3A St 278
Elsewhere, 7.30pm. Crossover (pop/rock/jazz) + 4 seasons. Cnr St 51 & 254
Factory Lounge, 6pm. Scene ouverte a tous.
Riverhouse Lounge, 7.30pm. Luckystar (Int'l pop & disco). #6 St 110
Gasolina, 7pm. Makak mafia (electro) + Mekong daiko (Japanese drums). #56-58 St 57
Metahouse, 7pm. Interferences: Ambient Sound Travels and World Music Jamtronix. #6 St 264
Memphis, 10pm. EQ (Khmer rock) + Rock Xpress. #3 St 118
Miles, 10pm. Sans frontiere (improv jazz & world). #17C St 370
Talkin' to a Stranger, 9pm. Blue Jeckos (blues, folk) #21B St 294.
Teukei bar, 9pm. DJ Jean & DJ Dan. #23B St 111.
Central Cafe, 6pm. Concours de musique (bookings to 092746159 or 012582505)

- Vis-a-vis, French German Chamber Music.
Raffles Hotel Le Royal, 7pm. (after party at Art Cafe)

** Saturday 23rd **
- Film at French Cultural Centre. "Kiki la petite sorciere". (Japan)
10am. French, english subtitles.

- S&M party @ Pontoon, 8pm.
Say goodbye to Sean & Mariana, all welcome.

- Vis-a-vis, French German Chamber Music.
Raffles Hotel Le Royal, 7pm.

** Sunday 24th **
- Vis-a-vis, French German Chamber Music.
Raffles Hotel Le Royal, 7pm.

- Games at Gasolina, 4pm. Weekly games afternoon, while relaxing with some drinks in the Garden at Gasolina. Bring your favourite games, ideas, and hopefully we can get some Theatresports going too! (#56-58 St 57)

- Architechture tour - houses of Toul Kork
8.30am. www.ka-tours.org

** Wednesday 27th **
- Film at Scandinavia Hotel, 8pm.
"Hearts and Minds" (Peter Davis)

*** Stuff in Phnom Penh *** (I've moved advance notice to the bottom!)

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*** Advance notice ***

June 29
- Fashion fundraiser @ Monsoon
- City of Ghosts Location tour