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Well after some pestering I'm putting an archive online. I very much doubt that I'll do much except paste each week's email up here. don't forget to let me know your events!!



This week, 25/7/07-31/7/07

Beach parties and final fishies

Hi all,

I have a question to put to you, that is to all four of you who actually read this. The time will come when I will no longer be in Cambodia, hence no longer able to do this list. What would YOU like to happen? Please email me you preferences! (mitch@outdoorgenius.com)
A. Let the list die a quiet and peaceful death
B. Pass the list on to someone who is interested in taking over
C. You could all receive a weekly ramble about nothing in particular from wherever I am in the world
D. Or please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

In the meantime, see you out there!

This week:

** Wednesday 25th **
- Cool Drinks and Hot Jazz (new event, every two weeks)
9pm, Talkin' to a Stranger. 012385157

- African Movies: Buud Yam, director Gaston KABORÉ, 1997
6pm, Bophana AV Resource Center, #64 St 200. 016872994.

** Friday 27th **
- No beer tasting this week - but stay tuned for future events at Monsoon.

- Pontoon final farewell. DJ Manic.

- Documentary: HEAVEN'S MEADOW.
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Brahms, Liszt, Saint-Saens: French&German Romanticicm
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Saturday 28th **
- Pontoon final farewell. Beach party. Starts 3.30pm!
See link above.

7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Classical Court Dances: this dance-drama has been associated with the royal court of Cambodia for over 1000 year
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Sunday 29th **
- City of Ghosts location tour.
12 pm, $5. Details http://www.filmcambodia.org/

** Wednesday 25th **
- Violine recital
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

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