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Well after some pestering I'm putting an archive online. I very much doubt that I'll do much except paste each week's email up here. don't forget to let me know your events!!


This week, 27/6/07-3/7/07

Parentals, geeks, extensions, and moving into middle age.

I have a bit of a brain deficiency this week. Nothing new there. Anyway below is what's I've got pegged for this week. Enjoy! And have a very fishy Sunday!

This week:
Notice: Fashion fundraiser at Monsoon has been postponed.

** Wednesday 27th **
- Film at Scandinavia Hotel, 8pm.
"Hearts and Minds" (Peter Davis)

** Thursday 28th **
- Final Talk & Closing Party. Stephane Janin.
7pm, Popil Photo Gallery, #126 St 19. 012992750

** Friday 29th **
- Critical Mass bike ride. Meet 5.15pm at the Independence Monument.

- Documentary: BALI PUNX by Ian White (AUS)
7pm, Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- thom-thom, a rock-grunge-khmer band
8pm, Gasolina, #56-58 St 57. 012373009.

- Baroque Music from British Isles & Low Countries: De Fesch, Loillet de Gent, Purcell, Handel
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

- Film at French Cultural Centre 023212124
6.30pm "Un long dimanche de fiançailles" (France). Maybe with English subtitles.

** Saturday 30th **
- Films at French Cultural Centre. 023212124
10am "Jeus Interdits" (France) (w/ subtitles)
4pm "Un long dimanche de fiançailles" (France). Maybe with English subtitles.

- Opening: Spirit House. In Takhmao (11km outside Phnom Penh).
4-7pm. Maps and details at www.sala-artspace.com, Java Café, Sala Artspace.
7pm. After party at Sala Artspace.

- Documentary: SWIMMING AGAINST THE TIDE by Tom Fawthrop (UK)
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Sep Niay and the Art of Khene: Lao & Northern Thai folk music
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Sunday 1st **
- National Fish Day! This year's festivities with Hun Sen take place in Takeo.

- Games at Gasolina, 4pm. Weekly games afternoon, while relaxing with some drinks in the Garden at Gasolina. Bring your favourite games, ideas, and hopefully we can get some Theatresports going too! (#56-58 St 57)

*** Stuff in Phnom Penh *** (I've moved advance notice to the bottom!)

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*** Advance notice ***

July 29
- City of Ghosts Location tour