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Apologies for piggybacking on another website. I haven't used it for a year or two and I was feeling a little lazy... so why not!



Macmaster's Beach

Saturday, July 11th (but feel free to come up on Friday night as well)

Discussing birthdays and parties this year, Dave & Mitch realised that we are coming to the end of an era. The beginning of a year which will be the last of our twenties. Some called it the last "good" birthday. We're considering it an opportunity to prove that we are not defined by an age! :-).

The party is at the MacMaster's beach house on Saturday, 11th July.

Since we were both born in 1980, the theme is "Something from 1980". You could come as the Moscow Olympics, Super Bowl XIV, Bonn Scott's funeral, The Empire Strikes Back, the Unabomber, Vanuatu, Ronald Reaghan, 4.434682 * 10^9 people, Gisele Bundchen, "Who Shot J.R?".

Get creative, and "I came as myself because I'm from 1980!" is no excuse!

There's lots of beds, but they'll fill up quickly. There's also looots of floor space, so a blow up mattress & sleeping bag will ensure you have a comfy place to sleep.

Date: 11th July, 2009
Time: We'll be there on the Friday. Come along some time between then and 7:00 Saturday.
Place: Mitch's Macmasters house: 29 Warri Crescent, Macmasters Beach (SEE MAP)
Parking: Please be careful not to block the neighbors' driveways.
Phone: Mitchell 0403103823, Dave 0412171090

Theme: Something from 1980

Bring: Drinks and some food. Also perhaps a sleeping bag, or sheets if you want to ensure you get a bed!