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Well after some pestering I'm putting an archive online. I very much doubt that I'll do much except paste each week's email up here. don't forget to let me know your events!!



This week, 1/8/07-7/8/07

Rambunctuous rambling

Well, my mother led the voting in asking for a weekly ramble. I'm surprised at: 1. How many people actually read this; 2. How many people could be bothered to reply; 3. How many people actually want to hear from me once I leave the country. Perhaps you all just want to be sure that I am in a different country?

Anyway will do both hand over to a couple of people who have expressed interest, as well as give you all a weekly dose of my mind! You will have the option of one or the other or both - I'll let you know how when the time comes!

Cricket is on this Sunday, after it was washed out last time. Come along, it may be the last time you get to laugh at me in "action". Details below.

See you out there!

This week:

** Wednesday 1st **
- Dirty Light, by Michael Richter. Until end Aug.
6pm, Two Fish Café. #9 St 278. 016-368 700.

- Chamber Music/workshop concert, Markus Gundermann, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra & Students of the Royal University of Fine Arts
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

- Wend Kûuni (God’s gift), director Gaston KABORÉ, 1982
6pm, Bophana AV Centre. #64 St 200. 016872994

** Thursday 2nd **
- German Film Festival: STATUS YO (english subtitles).
7pm, Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465

** Friday 3rd **
- Pinot Noir Tasting, $12 inc snacks.
From 7pm, Monsoon Wine Bar, Bookings required: 012214973.

- Zan Boko, director Gaston KABORÉ, 1988
6pm, Bophana AV Centre. #64 St 200. 016872994

6.30pm, French Cultural Centre

- Documentary: FROM HERE TO HOME.
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Thai&Chinese Music: the unique sound of SE-Asian string instruments
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Saturday 4th **
6.30pm, French Cultural Centre

- Documentary: PEPPER.
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

- Il Flauto Dolce: experience the warm sound of wooden flutes, solo flute performance by Thomas Mengler, Germany
7pm, Art Café. #184 St 108. 012834517.

** Sunday 5th **
- Cricket, Pakistan vs best of the rest. All welcome.
10am BKK High School, St 360 west of st 63 and on south side of street in school grounds.
Please confirm with phone number to johndonn@runbox.com

- Moisture, paintings by Australian artist Stephen Eastaugh.
6pm, FCC. Until September 8.

- Documentary: WHATZ UP?
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

** Monday 6th **
- Documentary: AUGUST SANDER
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

** Tuesday 7th **
7pm @ Meta House. #6 St 264, 012607465.

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